5 Easy Tips to Get Active / Motivated

I used to be unmotivated and unwilling to do sports/exercises. If I, for example, went on a run I'd always come back feeling proud of myself, and most of the time I'd be more energetic afterward as well. However, this didn't give me enough motivation to get excited about exercising. I wasn't motivated to do sports. Nowadays this is much easier for me and I'd like to share some things that are working to keep me more motivated. Hope it will help you to get more active and feel better!

3 of Our Favorite Wines (Red & White)

We like trying new wines every now and then. We mostly drink red wine, but sometimes a good white wine or some rosé is something we can also enjoy. For this article, we choose three of our favorite wines. We will share what we like about these wines, some background, and which dishes we recommend to eat while drinking these wines.

How to Save Money the Easy Way?

Saving money for times when you have to buy something expensive or when you don't earn as much money for a period of time for whatever reason, is important. If you can build yourself a buffer that can support your life for at least half a year, you can start saving money for fun things like vacation, a party, or a new car. Before that time however, that buffer should really be the priority in our opinion. Today we will share tricks and tips that help us save money and you might just learn something new.

How Do We Buy Our Groceries?

We used to not plan our meals and come up with what to eat on the day itself, but since we both work full time we have to plan a little more in order to have some time left to do things for ourselves. We do want to live healthy, exercise, and have some time left for friends, family, and each other. Today we will share with you how we do our groceries and what products we buy (almost) every week.

The Best 7 Tips for Working from Home

Nowadays a lot of people have to work from home, some for a couple of days a week, others for entire workweeks. We also work from home often and that definitely took some getting used to at the start. Today we'll share our best tips from our own experience with working from home.

5 Tips for Cooking with Less Waste

It can be difficult to buy enough ingredients to cook your meals while and be able to eat them all before they expire. One of our goals is to limit food waste. This is good for our wallet and the environment while it makes us feel good. Today we want to share how we limit the amount of waste in our kitchen.

5 Food Related Apps that you Should Download

There are many different apps for your phone nowadays. Some are more useful than others, but they bring a lot of information and opportunities with them. In the past few years, we have discovered some food-related apps and tried them. Today we want to share our favorites with you, which you can download for free.

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Groceries (part 2)

Every month most households spend hundreds of euros on groceries. While most families could actually save a lot of money on them. Here we will give you tips you can use to save money on your groceries. We tried these tips and most of them work for us, we would recommend you to also try some of them and see what the result is. We save about 30 percent on our groceries compared to only a few months ago.

7 Ways to Safe the Environment

Some people think that living more environment-friendly has to cost a lot of money and effort. We do not agree with this, as there are many easy ways that you can make that will help save mother nature. Today we will share with you 7 easy ways to do this, we hope you get some inspiration out of these tips!

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