Travel guide: Schoorl, the Netherlands

We love going to Schoorl for the stunning nature of the dune area. From Alkmaar, where we live, it's only a short bike ride away. Schoorl is a very popular place for tourists. The dunes are really pretty and ideal for sports like hiking, running, and mountain biking. It's also a nice place for spending some time with your family. In this article, we will share some of the highlights in Schoorl and why Schoorl is worth visiting.

Weekend out in Putten, the Netherlands

Last month we treated ourselves to a night away in a hotel. We went to Putten and had an amazing time! We would like to share the details of our trip, our recommendations and potentially give you some inspiration for your next trip to the Netherlands.

Restaurant Tips in Alkmaar

In the past few years, we have eaten at quite a few restaurants in Alkmaar. We love to try new restaurants in our town! Today we would like to share some of our favorites with you.

Travel guide: Alkmaar, the Netherlands

As some of you might know, we live in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Since we've been living here for a few years we can give you a few tips for when you visit. Most tourists only go to Amsterdam when they visit the Netherlands however, this country has so much more to offer. We'd love to write some more travel guide articles about the Netherlands since we believe there are more places worth visiting. So let's start with our hometown: Alkmaar.

Sintra, Portugal

As some of you may know, Sintra is very popular among tourists. However there's no need to let that scare you away, we don't necessarily like places flooded with tourism but Sintra is worth it. You can spend days, discovering the beauty of nature and the history that is kept in the buildings and the ruins there.

Restaurant Tips From our Trip to Portugal

On our road trip through Portugal, we searched for restaurants that had positive reviews and we visited a few of them to try some items from their menus. In this article, we'll mention the ones that stood out to us because we enjoyed the food and the vibe in these restaurants.

Road Trip Cost Portugal

If you are also planning to go on a road trip to Portugal you might be wondering how much money you'll have to save. To get an insight on how expensive it is to travel through Portugal we'd like to share our spendings on our trip. These are our personal expenses, so you might want to spend more or less on your trip, this is just using our experience as an example.

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