Recipe: Super Scones

In a little more than one week it's Valentine's day and we couldn't let this pass without sharing a baking recipe. We wanted to inspire you with a recipe for delicious scones that you can bake for your partner, lover, friend or just for yourself. Who doesn't like freshly baked scones?

Basic Recipe for Pancakes

You can eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We like to eat pancakes with both sweet and savory toppings, for example, maple syrup, fruit, or cheese. There are many things that are nice to add to a pancake mixture like for example cacao. However today we want to share a basic recipe for pancakes. Beneath the recipe, we share some of the variations that we recommend.

Recipe: Christmas Cinnamon Apple Bundt Cake

Every year we make a Bundt Cake for Christmas. There are many variations on bundt cake for example natural, chocolate, with a glaze topping, etc. We love bundt Cake with apple and cinnamon, a real winter flavor combination. Today we will share our apple cinnamon bundt cake recipe with you!

Our favorite breakfast: fruit with granola

Some time ago we already posted the recipe for the granola. There are endless variations for a breakfast with granola. For example with yogurt or with different types of fruits. We have a favorite combination that we often make: banana, apple and cinnamon with granola. Usually we'll bake the fruits in a pan and add a kiwi afterward.

Recipe: Dutch Gingerbread buttons (Kruidnoten in Dutch)

Every year in November and December Saint Nicholas comes to Holland and gives presents to the children. This is a Dutch tradition, at that time we eat some snacks like "speculaas" (spiced biscuits) and "kruidnoten" the best translation we've found is Gingerbread buttons (small spiced cookies). When Kim was little she always made kruidnoten, this is a family tradition that is still going strong. We loved making these small cookies since it contains our favorite spice mix (a biscuit seasoning of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, etc.) and it's easy to bake. We like to share our recipe with you guys!

Recipe: healthy banana bread

Banana bread is a very popular snack to bake, since it's easy to make a healthy version. This banana bread recipe is without any refined sugars. So if you're craving some sweets, this is a good snack to eat.

Breakfast Pie, gluten and sugar free

Who wouldn't love to eat pie for breakfast? Usually this would not be a healthy choice, however the recipe we created is a healthy pie which you could eat as breakfast. This recipe contains lots of good fats and fibers. It's gluten free and refined sugar free (it only contains natural sugars from fruit and honey).

Recipe: crunchy, healthy granola

Fruit or yogurt with granola is an easy and quick breakfast, but still a healthy start of the day. It contains a lot of good fats and you will get enough energy to start the day. This recipe is really easy to make and you can make multiple servings at once, which will save you some time in the morning.

Recipe: vegan panforte; gluten free and sugar free

This delicious recipe is gluten free, sugar free and full of healthy ingredients. Only a small piece of this can fulfill your feeling of hunger. Panforte, which literally means 'firm or strong bread' referring to the spiciness that it originally contained, was created in Sienna, Italy.

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