Recipe: French Toast

Also known as "pain perdu" in France or "wentelteefjes" in the Netherlands. When there's white bread in our house we always make French toast. French toast is delicious and we like it best when it's made from stale white bread. The name pain perdu is not without reason as it refers to this dish its ability to make stale/old bread taste good again. Today we will share a really easy recipe for French toast.

Recipe: M&M American Cookies

The recipe we are sharing today is a chocolate chip cookie with a twist. We added both pure chocolate and M&M's to what essentially are, American cookies. They're easy to make and really delicious. It's a boat load of fun to make with for example your kids!

Recipe: Blueberry Yogurt Cake

I love baking on the weekends, I especially like trying new recipes and making people happy with my creations. Sometimes new recipes don't work all that well on the first try, when that happens we'll simply try making it again to improve upon the recipe or the process. A few weeks back I made a blueberry yogurt cake and the recipe was spot on the first time. The only hard thing about this recipe was preventing the blueberries from all falling to the bottom. In this article, you'll find the recipe for this delicious cake.

Recipe: The Best Vegan Pancakes

In our experience vegan pancakes are often a bit of a bummer, they tend to be either dry, rubbery, or straight up tasteless. We have tried many and often missed the effect of the egg in the pancake mixture. And so we decided to create our own vegan pancake recipe where we replaced the egg yolk with plant-based substitutes. We put a lot of effort into creating this recipe as it had to be good but not hard; we wanted it to be something you can make without breaking a sweat. And in our opinion, these pancakes taste as good as our non-vegan pancake recipe.

Healthy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Comfort food carries its name for a reason, we also like to sometimes eat some comfort food, mostly on the weekend. However, we also want to stay fit and healthy. That's why we try to come up with alternatives for the things we like to eat! We like creating healthier or simply different versions of known recipes. Today we will share our healthy brownie recipe. One ingredient in this recipe that might surprise you, is Greek yogurt.

Recipe: (Frosted) Sugar Cookies

Baking sugar cookies is a fun activity to do with kids. They can be creative and make all kinds of shapes and afterward, you decorate the cookies. It's not only fun for the kids, we like baking and decorating cookies too! We will share an easy sugar cookie recipe with you today.

Recipe: Rhubarb Oatmeal Crumble Pie

We love to bake and cook with seasonal products as products taste better when they're in season, they're cheaper and as a nice bonus or for some the most important part perhaps; it's better for the environment. Rhubarb is in season around April/May so we decided to make a pie with rhubarb. In this article, we share our rhubarb oatmeal crumble pie recipe!

Recipe: Kingsday Tompouce

In the Netherlands, we celebrate King's Day on the 27th of April. On that day there are lots of second-hand markets and festivals to visit. We usually celebrate this day with music, beer, and tompouce. Tompouce is a typical Dutch snack that consists of custard cream between puff pastry with a glaze topping. This topping is usually pink, but with kings day the topping is orange since the royal family are called 'van Oranje' literally translated 'from Orange', as in the color, not the fruit. In this article, we will share our tompouce recipe.

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