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  • Recipe: crunchy, healthy granola

    Recipe: crunchy, healthy granola

    Fruit or yogurt with granola is an easy and quick breakfast, but still a healthy start of the day. It contains a lot of good fats and you will get enough energy to start the day. This recipe is really easy to make and you can make multiple servings at once, which will save you… Read more

  • Fruity Summer Lasagna

    Fruity Summer Lasagna

    This dish is most certainly not your average lasagna; it’s our Fruity Summer Lasagna! It’s build with a nice balance between savory and sweet with a nice little boost in freshness in aroma from the lemongrass broth. Read more

  • Sri Lanka: Highlights

    Sri Lanka: Highlights

    Last year we went to Sri Lanka, just before the first lockdown due to Covid-19. Here we’d like to share some highlights we loved in Sri Lanka. We personally didn’t go to all of the overpopulated highlights that people view as must sees. In some cases there were (in our opinion) better alternatives that we… Read more

  • Vegan melanzane zucchini spaghetti

    Vegan melanzane zucchini spaghetti

    We love vegetables and therefore we often cook vegetarian dishes. We don’t eat vegetarian every day, however we do most of the time. The dish we are making today is easy to digest and packed “Full of Flavours”. Read more

  • Recipe: vegan panforte; gluten free and sugar free

    Recipe: vegan panforte; gluten free and sugar free

    This delicious recipe is gluten free, sugar free and full of healthy ingredients. Only a small piece of this can fulfill your feeling of hunger. Panforte, which literally means ‘firm or strong bread’ referring to the spiciness that it originally contained, was created in Sienna, Italy. Read more

  • Recipe: Banana oatmeal pancakes, lactose and sugar free

    Recipe: Banana oatmeal pancakes, lactose and sugar free

    This pancake recipe is easy to make, real tasty and to top it off, a healthy start of your day. I love making pancakes for breakfast and this recipe is one of my favorites. Out of this recipe you will get 8 small pancakes. Read more

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