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Summer cocktail recipe: Mojito

We enjoy drinking cocktails in the summer. You often pay a lot of money in restaurants for one cocktail, while it’s easy to make them at home. We made a delicious mojito and will share our recipe with you!

The complete Mojito

Mojito for one cocktail

– 4 slices of lime
– 2 scoops of sugar
– 5 mint leaves (approximately)
– 30 milliliters of white rum
– 60 milliliters of sparkling water
– ice cubes

How to make your Delicious Mojito?

Add the slices of lime and the sugar to a cup, and stamp it well. Put the leaves between your palms and slap a few times. Add the mint leaves and the rum, and mix it well. Add it to your glass, add ice cubes and sparkling water. Serving tip: add some leaves of mint on top and a part of lime to the side of the glass.

Bonus Tips

Mojitos should typically be served in a tall glass. As you can see in our image, we did not do this. The tall glass is the typical choice because it leaves a lot of room for ice, which is important. After all, this drink is supposed to be drunk when it’s hot outside, and you need something refreshing. Of course, you can drink it in the winter to remind yourself of the summer, but it is a summer cocktail.

Also, a common misconception about this cocktail: this drink is supposed to be muddled due to the lime slices and sugar being ‘muddled’ into the cocktail. This brings you the most intense flavours.

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