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Recipe: BLTC club sandwich

The club sandwich is a dish I like to order when I go out for lunch. My favorite club sandwich is the BLTC, the sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and chicken. I’ll be really happy if the sandwich also contains guacamole or avocado. This time, we made our own version of a BLTC sandwich.

⏲ 10 minutes
🍽 8 small pieces of bread

6 slices of white bread
6 strips of bacon
4 slices of chicken breast (or turkey)
Half a tomato
1 avocado (add the other half of the tomato, some lime juice, pepper, and salt to make the guacamole, check the third recipe of this post for inspiration)
Herb butter

How to make it?
Put the slices of bread in the toaster. Cut the tomato and make the guacamole in the meantime. Add the herb butter, chicken breast, and tomato to one slice of bread. Add another slice of bread. Then add the guacamole, bacon, and lettuce on top. Then add the last piece of bread. Add skewers to 4 sides of the bread cut diagonally. Cut diagonally twice, and you’ll end up with 4 small triangle-shaped sandwiches. Repeat this to make the second club sandwich. Enjoy!

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