What to do in Groenlo (the Netherlands)?

During Easter, we went on a getaway to Groenlo with family. We had a great time and wanted to share what activities you can do in Groenlo. Hope this gives you guys some inspiration for your next trip!

The surroundings of Groenlo are quiet and nice, and the area looks natural as you can see in the pictures of this post. The center of Groenlo is not big, however, you could spend a few hours there shopping or sitting in a restaurant or on a terrace. The city has a lot of history as well. You could book a tour through the ‘Calixtusbasiliek’ and go up the church tower. A tour through the church is free. If you like to visit a museum the ‘Stadsboerderij Grolle’ would be a good place for you to stop. This museum will show you how the people in the 19th century lived, when you buy a ticket a beverage is included. A ticket costs only 3,50 and for kids till the age of 12, a ticket is 2 euros.

To see the surroundings and the city in a short amount of time you could take the express train from the bungalow park Marveld. This is the place where we stayed, we will tell you more about that next week. We already wrote a whole article on the Express train, see this article for more information.

There are many walking routes in the area marked by colored bollards. We walked the green and blue walking route that start at Marveld. The blue route is 6,6 kilometers and the green one is 9,1 kilometers. Your surrounding throughout the walk varies from (dirt-) roads to a forest path. When you’re lucky you will even spot some animals like birds and rabbits. Besides walking there are many more activities you could do like cycling and canoeing. It’s really easy to rent a bike or a canoe.

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